Pigs Backyard Ultra 2023

Last year it was cold, wet and muddy so we turned up the dial – perhaps a little far. Once again no one complained about the stream crossings – last year because they were already wet, this year because it gave a few chances each lap to submerge and keep the body temperature down. Once…… Continue reading Pigs Backyard Ultra 2023

Crush the Cargill 2022

The rain started Saturday morning and continued constantly until late Sunday morning. So on November 19th at 10am the 2022 Crush the Cargill 24 Hour of Rain Challenge began and the rest is history. Approximately 94 humans and 8 dogs participated. At 10am 52 runners set off up the track. Some people obviously missed the…… Continue reading Crush the Cargill 2022

Silverstream Spin 2022

This was so much fun I needed to write it ALL down! 37 runners turned up for the second edition of the Silverstream Spin. With some really up and down recent weather and a dodgy weather report this was a good number. On the day the Dunedin turned on a real dunnerstunner. Hot, and thanks…… Continue reading Silverstream Spin 2022

Backyard Ultra – an interesting concept

“It’s an interesting concept”, said Glenn Sutton.

He had just run 38 laps (254km), been encouraged out of his tent for the 39th, started to turn around, but with encouragement kept going. While everyone was cheering him on he got just over the brow of the hill and tried mooning us. Fortunately that was a failure also…