Dunedin 24 Hour Peak Bagging

Held every year this is a fatass style event where you choose your own route, look after yourself, have an awesome adventure and finish together to share stories and battle scars.

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18 November, 2023

Rules (please read carefully)

  • Begins whereever you like at midday Saturday (Nov 18)
  • Ends midday Sunday (Nov 19) at Emersons Brewery carpark
  • Two categories – Pure (by foot only) and multisport (anything that is powered by a machine or other animal)
  • Look after yourself. Share your route intentions with a loved one.
  • Get landowner permission before crossing private land
  • There is 1 point for every 100m vert of the peak. So, for example, Mt Cargill (676m) is worth 6 points. Signal Hill (393m) is worth 3 points.
  • Peaks that count are BOTH named peaks on the topo map AND trigs (dark triangles with a code) on the topo map. See pics below for examples.
  • You are responsible for your own scoring – best to record your route by GPS and take photos for evidence.
  • There are bonus exceptions for 2023… PAY ATTENTION!

*** BACON KNOB ***

  • As per usual our favourite knob will score points even though it isn’t named and doesn’t have a trig.
  • 5 points.


  • It’s not an official peak but it still matters.
  • 10 points IF you get a photo of yourself with a tourist on the castle steps.
  • 3 points if you touch the steps without a photo.

*** CLUMP PEAK ***

  • It’s near Hightop in the Silverpeaks. More legends have been told about night time trips to the Clump than King Arthur and those other Knights.
  • 10 points if done in the dark (photo evidence required). Dark is between official sunset (8:52pm) and sunrise (5:53am) times.

*** THE GAP ***

  • Being at the far end of the Silverpeaks the Gap can feel a bit excluded. That isn’t right so we are doubling the points for the trig at the Gap.
  • Note this means you get 6 points for the named peak “The Gap” (650m) and a further 12 points for the trig!!!

And now for the WILD CARD!!! [insert drum roll here]


  • This year we are pleased to announce it’s… MT KYEBURN. It’s just up from Dansey’s Pass and has nice views.
  • 100 points!!!