Small creative niche events for the discerning athlete with a sense of humour


who are we?

We met through a mutual love for wild adventures and a need to train together for brutal events. The training required us to come up with creative ways of doing things that really suck.

Chris works by day as a real estate agent because it’s more profitable than being a narcotics agent. He’s the one disguised as a flowering gorse bush.

Steve, an off-duty doctor, works for the medical school trying to convert students into caring health professionals. Steve is the one that looks like Gollum and is always looking for opportunities to promote 3 Peaks Mountain Race by wearing the tshirt everywhere.

who’s stupid idea was this anyway?

Another mutual love is craft beer which we mostly enjoy at the Inch Bar. Over a pint of the latest hazy many ideas were born.

Fortunately many of them died soon after.

it’s not about the money

inch events is a non-profit business. any income is to pay for expenses. We take no wages. We also like to give stuff to our favourite charities.

Steve and Chris crushing the Revenant…. until it crushed us
Somewhere over the Ahuriri Valley
Steve gazes in awe at a pint of hazy IPA.

what’s on

the menu is a mix between paid and free events.

Pigs Backyard Ultra

Held in the picturesque backyard of Dunedin the Pigs Backyard Ultra has runners running a 6.7km loop every hour on the hour until there is only one person left…

Our aim is to make this a real fun running, music and food festival! Good times for all!

Find out more here…

Crush the Cargill 24 Hour Challenge

Founded in 2017 by Steve and Andrew (also at the Inch Bar). Participants run as many laps as possible up and down Mt Cargill in 24 hours. Koha donation to the Valley Project.

Find out more here…

Dunedin 24 Hour Peak Bagging

Bag as many peaks as you can in 24 hours. That’s been happening for a couple of years now with the help of a few pubrunners.

A bit of info here…

Silverstream Spin

Roll a dice, run a loop and repeat. Winner is the first person to complete 3 laps.

Laps vary from 7km with 100m vert to 26km with 1500m vert.

Find out more here…

Other Random Shit

A few bits and pieces in the pipeline…

… and don’t forget about the 3 Peaks Mountain Race that Steve organises on behalf of Leith Harriers.

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