Crush the Cargill 2022

The rain started Saturday morning and continued constantly until late Sunday morning.

So on November 19th at 10am the 2022 Crush the Cargill 24 Hour of Rain Challenge began and the rest is history.

Approximately 94 humans and 8 dogs participated. At 10am 52 runners set off up the track. Some people obviously missed the start time as they kept turning up – late. The last runner arrived 22 hours and 50 minutes late (well done Greg!) 

It seems all the runners ignored the instructions to bring down a bit of gravel from the top and dump in the muddy section half way down as it just got muddier and so did the runners. After about 5 hours the mud washed away so everyone got clean again and the running race became a swimming/surfing race.


Team Purdue ran a finely tuned race to complete 18 laps in 23 hours and 38 minutes. Every lap Brandon was met by his daughter and friend with food and water. He had two stops – 4min and 5min – but apart from that kept plodding on! Congratulations Brandon, Caitlyn and Lexie – that was a great team effort!

Dom Harrison and Shannon Rhodes each got to 15 laps to claim second equal – Shannon described it as the biggest meltdown he’s ever had… pretty good for a meltdown! He won the toilet brush as the ‘shit run award’. Hope to see them both back for a bit more next year!

Natasha Walters did the sensible thing and had a good night sleep after lap 8. Nearly 7 hours later she got up and looked like she had had a good night sleep to run 4 more laps and be the top woman. Finishing as she started, with a smile, she made 11 laps look easy!

Pascal Saker won the Surfing division. He didn’t quite Hang 10 but he did manage 6 laps and for 5 of them he was wearing a wetsuit.

Stella McLean wanted to win the canine division so she took Dave up the hill 9 times by 3am to set a new canine WORLD RECORD.

Unfortunately Dave pitched his tent in what turned into a river so after 90 minutes of floating on his back he gave up trying to sleep and went back to running up and down the hill. Final tally for Dave and Stella was 11 laps – over doubled Dave’s previous PB of 5 laps and setting a new WORLD RECORD for the over 65 year old category.


  • 5 laps (a marathon) – 30 humans, 2 dogs
  • 6 laps (50km) – 25 humans, 1 dog
  • 12 laps (100km) – 5 humans
  • 15 laps (127km) – 3 humans
  • 18 laps (153km) – 1 human

Other notable achievements.

  • Jonah Smith ran the fastest lap of the day in 48 minutes.
  • Amy Weeden celebrated her 45th birthday with a solid 7 laps in just over 12 hours.
  • Brad Speirs failed to complete a lap but took about 2000 photos.
  • Antonia Wood put the kids to bed then turned up for a lap. She seemed to forget how to stop and kept going for 5 more then went home for a quick nap before the kids woke up!
  • Dom got scared out of his skin – he thought he saw a skeleton walking up the track at midnight.
  • The Valley Project cooked an awesome breakfast with the help of LOTS of goods donated by Havoc Farm Pork.
  • Laura made lots of awesome coffee with the help of the Grid Coffee Truck.
  • Crash the Cargill failed to make it as far as the gate. Mach 4 of the fridge cart had huge potential but suffered some design faults. They should get it right in 365 days.
  • Sophie played bagpipes for 90 minutes in the rain.
  • Chris Bisley, the record holder, turned up after a two year hiatus due to injury and poor sport choices. He started 20 hours late so couldn’t catch up with Brandon. He settled on 3 laps.
  • $2500 raised for the Valley Project.

Once again, Crush the Cargill stuck to its hardcore value of brutal inclusiveness with babies, dogs, women, men, children and surfboards all getting out there to crush it in the atrocious weather. No fridges nor lawnmowers crushed this year and the skeleton cheated by driving to the top.

Pics by Photos4Sale

By Steve

Co-Director of Inch Events

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