Peak Bagging 2022


Here’s a brief rundown. There could be more but no one really knows who was out there doing what so…

  • Logan and Lynn – 39
  • Croydon – 34
  • Will – 56
  • Steve – 6
  • Jamie – 93
  • Chris – 102
  • Dave – 56
  • Isaac – 36
  • Daniel and Henry – 43
  • Adam – zero (#bemoresavage)
  • Aaron and Kristy – zero
  • Scott – zero

Peaks, pigs, goats, gorse, mud … and that’s just on The Clump!

  • Chris won the multisport division with a route of 177km,
  • Jamie won the much more prestigious pure division with a route of 94km finishing with 3 minutes to spare.
  • Logan and Lynn won the best trail food division
  • Isaac won the award for the most pigs spotted
  • A pig on Signal Hill nearly won the award for the most peak baggers bagged after charging Chris and Steve.

The Ongoing Adventures of Mad Dave – Chapter 3180

Dave once again won the adventure story division. Last year Dave attempted the “Summit Rock Challenge” beginning at Summit Rock in the Rock and Pillars. He bagged a few peaks but then his bike broke in 2. So did his collarbone.

This year he went for another go. As the road access was closed he pushed his bike up the Big Hut track on Friday afternoon. The Big Hut track is a technical track about 5km long with 1000m of vert. It’s a long way up to push a bike! Unfortunately he realised when he got to the top that he left his helmet at the bottom so on Saturday he popped back down to fetch it. Then he pushed his bike up to Summit Rock (1450m) for the midday start.

His plan was to ride along the tops and bag peaks before hitting Old Dunstan Rd and cycling home while bagging more peaks. The top was a mix of frozen snow and knee deep powder – more bike pushing. When he got to Old Dunstan Rd he found it to be like porridge – more bike pushing. Having misplaced his gloves his hands were rather frozen from biking and it took a while to thaw them out to fix the inevitable flat tyre.

Eventually he got back to Emersons. He was actually first back but was too exhausted to bag many extra peaks and ended up with 56 points. Huge kudos to Dave for trying! If you know you can do it it’s not a challenge!

Next year…

Our plan is to put peak bagging in November next year so it doesn’t clash with lambing and there will be less snow at Summit Rock! The Summit Rock Challenge is a winner that is still up for grabs!

Roll on Silverstream Spin – October 29th.

By Steve

Co-Director of Inch Events

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